I’m Hiring! Join Me

Hey! A few people have reached out about possible “positions” with ScoutWithBryan, and I’m excited to say I’m open to bringing on some help. Here’s the deal: all of these positions are just volunteer. They’ll hopefully take you no more than 1-3 hours per week. Obviously you are the one volunteering your time and I can’t ask for any more than you’re capable of providing! If you’re interested in any of these listed positions, please DM me on Twitter or find my email on the home page here. Obviously some of them will be more competitive than others and a certain position will obviously go to the most qualified candidate. Additionally, I always give preference to my Patrons. You can see my last blog for info about why I ask people to support on Patreon, and you can go to Patreon.com/ScoutWithBryan to sign up for even $1/month. My Patrons have the most direct line of communication to me - a private Twitter DM group, Private periscopes, message boards on Patreon itself. Whether you are chosen or not, the best way to support me is with a really small monthly contribution on there, and I really appreciate your consideration! Here’s what’s available:


Obviously will be the most coveted likely. For this position, SYNERGY is a must (or another basketball video procurement tool that you believe to be similar). FastModel and/or SportsCode are huge pluses. Would help me with my FaveFive series of top plays for every team in the league, other random video requests. Must have working knowledge of NBA and X’s and O’s terminology, or at the very least a strong ability to spot patterns in plays & recognize the differences in sets.

The last person I had working with me on this (Ryan Nguyen) got scooped up during last season for an NBA internship. So the pitch to you is: yes, this is volunteer. But it can be a great opportunity to expand your skillset, learn the game more intricately, and gain exposure to the hundreds of NBA accounts, burner accounts, NBA media, etc that follow me. And I will always do what I can to promote you as well and help you out when I can.


Particularly, I am looking for anyone highly skilled with the following platforms:

  • Twitch

  • Discord

  • Any “chat room” type apps

  • Facebook (business pages)

  • YouTube (algorithm)

  • Periscope

  • Patreon

Graphic design skills are also a huge plus for designing material for Insta, Twitter, YouTube, etc. If you consider yourself highly skilled with any or multiple of these mediums, or consider yourself an excellent marketer able to help with paywalling content, converting people to paid subscribers, increasing brand awareness and marketing, etc., please reach out.


Looking for 1-2 people available a couple hours a week for certain analytics ideas, information requests, etc. Synergy is a plus. Good knowledge of stats.nba.com appreciated. Any others (Second spectrum, CTG, etc) great. May include other random research requests.

On weeks without many pressing analytics questions this may occasionally include some help with the PR side, finding podcast guests, scheduling appearances, etc.

As mentioned - since this is a “start up” type venture all of these are volunteer, 1-3 hour weekly commitments for now. Of course my goal will be to help you learn and also give you valuable experience, the chance to publicize yourself where possible, free reign to take on a big role on the ground floor and have the freedom to play around and try new things, and hopefully help you find something with a team or whatever field you’re interested in. And once again: I understand how tight everyone’s budget is. But if you’ve enjoyed my NBA Lists, YouTube videos, articles, podcasts, Reddit AMAs, radio appearances, twitter threads, insider info, etc.: even joining the “Twitter Team” group on Patreon would mean the world to me.

Thanks for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you!