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Bolded links are the most timeless and the best place to learn about my philosophy, path, advice, etc.

The HoopsHype Podcast
On this episode of The HoopsHype Podcast, Alex Kennedy is joined by Bryan Oringher, who was previously the head video coordinator for the Washington Wizards and an advance scout for the Toronto Raptors and Atlanta Hawks. Oringher discusses his various stints around the NBA, what each job entailed and more.

Raptors Rapture Podcast (1/11/19)
X’s and O’s Podcast. Host Mike Bossetti is joined by former NBA Head Video Coordinator and Advanced Regional Scout Bryan Oringher to give a deep dive on the X's and O's of the Toronto Raptors.

Lemme Say Something Podcast (1/8/19)
Episode Title: Clemson throttles Bama/Bryan Oringher joins us/NFL Wildcard Recap. — Starting at 21:20 on this episode, Bryan Oringher joints to talk all things basketball.

Lakers Nation Podcast (3/27/19)
Rumors about the Lakers' head coaching job are heating up and Alex Caruso may be making a case to get a full-time contract next season. Plus, pro scout Bryan Oringher gives his thoughts on this season's Lakers. 

ESPN Upstate Radio (5/3/19)
Enjoyed discussing the NBA Playoffs and more - check me out at the 15 minute mark. 

Steve Czaban Show (5/8/19)
Hour 2 of The Steve Czaban Show. Nats lose. 76ers look terrible against Raptors. Ayesha Curry worried about women coming after Steph. NFL Network cuts budget. Guest: Former NBA scout Bryan Oringher on the NBA playoffs.

Granato and Raheel with Del (5/10/19)
The guys start the hour interviewing Bryan Oringher. Bryan breaks down the NBA playoffs. Gets into all the matchups and how there’s a good possibilities that there will be three game 7’s this Mother’s day weekend. The guys wrap up the show with Fan Apologies.  

The Beer Garden (5/14/19)
On this episode of The Beer Garden, former Washington Wizards video coordinator Bryan Oringher joins to discuss the NBA playoffs, look ahead to the NBA offseason and breaks down likely No. 1 pick Zion Williamson.

The Sports Junkies (5/21/19)
Bryan Oringher joins at the 15:00 mark to discuss John Wall, Gary Williams, NBA Playoffs, Zion, Ja, and more!

The Hoopers Log Podcast (5/23/19)
Chris, Eric and Bryan jump on to discuss the outcomes of the WCF and ECF thus far through the first 4 games. The Western Conference Finals finished quickly but the East is kicking strong!

Locked On Spurs (5/24/19)
Bryan Oringher stops by on Locked On Spurs to talk about his time in the NBA and discuss the San Antonio Spurs.

The Team 980 - The Morning Blitz (5/30/19)
Bryan joins at the 11:32 mark. Discuss the Wizards' continuing search for their next team president/general manager, including the truth about in-house candidate Tommy Sheppard and on whether the Wizards should trade Bradley Beal.

OTB Podcast (6/1/19)
After the Toronto Raptors beat Golden State Warriors in game 1, Bryan joins to put that game into perspective.

DCT Podcast (6/3/19)
In our discussion, we talked about life in the NBA, Bryan’s favorite observations throughout the playoffs, the NBA Finals, and what he is hoping to accomplish with

You Make The Call (6/13/19)
Bryan discusses the NBA Finals and upcoming draft.

Team 980 Appearance
Former Wizards Bryan Oringher breaks down video of what’s wrong with Wall, Beal, Otto, and more.  He joins Czabe to discuss his breakdowns.

Grant and Danny - 106.7 Podcast
Bryan Oringher, a former scout for the Washington Wizards, joins to break down exactly where the Wizards are going wrong this year.

Warriors Huddle Podcast (1/21/19)
Episode Title: Why Boogie Might be in Golden State for Longer than a Year. — NBA scout Bryan Oringher hops on to break down Warriors X’s and O’s.

Rockets Podcast (2/18/19)
Topics include differences in how teams perceive James Harden and Chris Paul relative to narratives; what Houston might look like when healthy; and areas where roster upgrades may be needed.

Bruno Nation Podcast (5/6/19)
Lot of Raptors vs Sixers talk! Check me out at the 44 minute mark.

The Gold Standard (5/10/19)
No matter how the Celtics tried to counter it, they couldn’t contain The Freak. Former NBA scout Bryan Oringher joins Alex Gold to take a look at the lethal impact of superstars in the NBA Playoffs.

Sportsnet Today (5/11/19)
Former Toronto Raptors scout Bryan Oringher joins around the 5 minute mark. We preview game 7 between Toronto and Philly.

Trending Now on SB Nation Radio (5/12/19)
Bryan Oringher Joins Cody Stoots to talk NBA Playoffs.

92.3 The Fan Cleveland Radio (5/19/19)
Bryan Oringher tells Jonathan Peterlin the Cavs can't go wrong with Bol Bol after comparing him to Rudy Gobert and Clint Capela but says he has to maintain their same high motor to justify being a Top 10 pick. Bryan also breaks down the on-going NBA Playoffs.

ESPN 580 Orlando (5/20/19)
Bryan joins around the 47:00 mark to discuss NBA playoffs.

ESPN NOLA Sports Hangover (5/23/19)
Bryan Oringher tips-off hour one of the Sports Hangover talking about the NBA.

SB Nation Radio - In My Opinion with Denton Day (5/26/19)
Bryan Oringher joins the show to recap the Eastern Conference NBA Finals.

SB Nation The Second Level (5/30/19)
Bryan previews the NBA Finals.

Benchwarmers Ep. 22 (6/3/19)
Bryan discusses his experience with the Wizards, Raptors, and Hawks. He also discusses the biggest thing that NBA scouts notice with draft prospects.

FOX Sports Sunday (6/9/19)
Bryan joins Chris Plank and Arnie Spanier to discuss the Raptors/Warriors series.

South of Sanity (6/14/19)
Andrew Zimmel and Bryan talk about the NBA Finals wrapping up. What this means for Toronto, Kawhi's legacy, where the Warriors go from here and all the other storylines from the Finals. Also, talking Klay's injury and Jermey Lin winning a title.


Bolded links are the most timeless and the best place to learn about my philosophy, path, advice, etc.

Reddit AMA #1 (Ask Me Anything)
Reddit AMA #2
Reddit AMA #3
I answered a wide range of questions about my NBA experience. Topics include: how I got into the industry, toughest teams to scout, underrated players, and much more.

Bullets Forever Article - 10/27/18
Curious what an NBA film-session is like? I went through the Wizards loss in Sacramento and broke it down like Scott Brooks might.

Bullets Forever Q&A with Bryan Oringher
I worked in the NBA for 7 years with 3 different teams. I fielded all sorts of questions here about analytics, coaching, player development, insider stories, and more.

The Game Within the Game: Life as an NBA Video Coordinator
Feature article on my background and experience as a video coordinator.

Did Tom Izzo Go Too Far? (3/29/19)
See my thoughts (both article and video) on the viral Tom Izzo video that shows him yelling at one of his players.

Raptors Republic - 11/6/18
What’s behind Serge Ibaka’s resurgence? I took a look at the numbers and film to find out.

Coachup Article
What is Coaching? Sometimes, It’s Telling Athletes What They Need to Hear.

Around the Rim - 11/20/18
I was one of six contributors offering my thoughts on many of the pressing questions and hot topics in the NBA this week.

Luka Doncic Breakdown
In this piece, I provide a breakdown of why Luka Doncic is so good.

It’s Time to Stop Hating on Harden
I debunk his biggest critics and show why Harden is having an MVP-caliber season.

Deadspin Article (5/29/19)
A Calm But Occasionally Perplexing Interview With The Ex-NBA Scout Who Beefed With All His Critics On Twitter

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Check out my in-depth scouting report on Duke University’s Zion Williamson.

R.J. Barrett
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Jarrett Culver
In-depth scouting report of Jarrett Culver.

Ja Morant
Check out my in-depth scouting report on Murray State’s Ja Morant.

De’Andre Hunter
Check out my twitter thread that provides a scouting report on De’Andre Hunter and ends with a video scout breakdown.

Cam Reddish
Video: Cam Reddish NBA Draft Scouting Report.